SIM card

Insert your ananda 4G+ SIM card in your phone and have everything at your fingertips. Enjoy!

ananda SIM starter pack

1 500 Ks

ananda data SIM pack (10GB)

8 000 Ks


Take your mifi wherever you go. Light, portable, and able to share a strong internet connection with up to 5 people. This pocket-sized device is so cool to carry around!

ananda mifi unlimited30

59 500 Ks

ananda mifi plus unlimited30

63 000 Ks

ananda mifi

35 000 Ks

ananda mifi plus

40 000 Ks

ananda mifi rental

35 000 Ks


With the ananda router, enjoy a better and faster internet connection at home with your family. With a fixed connection, enjoy watching videos online and surfing the web non-stop, shared with up to 10 people.

ananda router unlimited90

95 000 Ks

ananda router unlimited30

73 500 Ks

ananda router

55 000 Ks

ananda router rental

90 000 Ks