About ananda

Who we are

ananda = Infinity. We are committed to inspiring Myanmar through our 4G+ network, enabling global connectivity and leading the way to a world of infinite possibility.

ananda - live more

With our network you can seek out new opportunities to explore, innovate and excel. At ananda we believe that there is always more to life and more to live for, and we strive to help Myanmar achieve that.

Why we are here

ananda’s powerful network provides an experience that liberates the creators of tomorrow. We aim to enable Myanmar’s growth as a leading digital player on the global stage.

Our vision

Inspire and activate Myanmar’s digital lifestyle.

Our mission

Our values

digital (but not techy)

ananda’s service allows access to new realities and experiences, exploring the possibilities of next-generation connectivity and innovations.

dynamic (energetic & a little provocative)

ananda’s products and value-added services respond quickly to new trends and to the demands of our consumer base, constantly pushing boundaries.

fresh (creative & contemporary)

ananda sees an evergreen field to innovate and stay ahead of the game.

perceptive (smart & respectful)

As the country’s first wholly -Myanmar owned telecommunications provider, we understand the local market like no other, respecting and responding in an intuitively Myanmar way.

collaborative (we are team players)

We work with partners, stakeholders and collaborators and we want you to be able to do the same.

Our services

We aim to transform the digital experience of the people in Myanmar – first in Yangon and soon, in Mandalay and other cities. Our services can be accessed through a compatible MiFi, router device or through an ananda SIM.

Our history

Amara Communications Co., Ltd. (ACS) is a leading provider of services to the telecommunications industry in Myanmar. 

ACS owns and operates ananda, a 4G+ data operator that enables a liberating digital experience for consumers and enterprise users. ananda is proud to be wholly Myanmar-owned with international service standards.

Established in 2011 to tap into the country’s rapidly developing telecommunications market, ACS has been providing network rollout services which includes tower foundation, civil works, installation of power and radio communications equipment as well as operation and maintenance of towers.

ACS has also established a distribution network to distribute top-up cards. In 2016, ACS won the license to operate a high-speed 4G+ network on the 2600 MHz spectrum.  ACS is part of the IGE Group of Companies, a Myanmar group of company with a diverse portfolio of businesses, including power, energy, infrastructure development, hospitality, financial services and telecommunications.