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Simply follow steps  as below to enjoy the offers of Lucky Bonus Program:

Click “Invite“ button of myananda app and select phone numbers of your friends who you want to invite.

Successful Invitation SMS message will sent to your invited friend’s phone number. (if your friend’s phone number already registered for ananda’s product & services, your offer will not be eligible)

 Make customer registration with phone numbers that you received invitation SMS  from your friends when you have been purchased to ananda Mifi or Router with Data Pack.

 Once registered, both of you will be eligible to get 5% cash back rewards. It will be added to ananda’s Mobile Wallet within 24 hours .

 5% cash back rewards base on purchased value of device and data plan by your friend (for example, if your friend buy an ananda Router 50 GB with 60,000 Kyats, both of you will get 3,000 Kyats cash back rewards each)

You can invite unlimited numbers of friends and participate in this Lucky Bonus program. If you more invite to your friends, you can enjoy with more benefits and  get more cash back rewards.

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